​​Mila was sent to me as proven producer of working dogs, she is 3 1/2 in the photos when I received her. Hips and elbows x-rays done and AKC DNA testing done She had been bred twice to Hunter's full brother & litter mate and she produced good hard drive working dogs from those breedings. Hunter is a high drive Police and Military grade dog and he is Dual Certified as Police Patrol dog and  Certified Explosive and Bomb detection dog, I am his Certified handler. He is also working on his Police Patrol certification. I expect great pups from Mila and Hunter Pups due AUG 1 2017


Photo taken in Belgium by Andre owner of Zilerenloop kennels before shipping her to me March 2017

Photo taken on the way home after picking up Mila from the airport March 24 2017